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Item #0041 Umbrella Adapter (also called a Swivel Bracket)

Umbrella Adapter (also called a Swivel Bracket)
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Note: For a deluxe umbrella adapter, see FlashZebra.Com Item #0200.

This versatile adapter lets you conveniently mount a shoe-based flash and a photographic umbrella to a light stand or tripod.

The item includes the basic light stand⁄umbrella mount, two 58 inch brass inserts, and a shoe mount.

The shoe mount for this model has a small thumbscrew that securely locks the attached flash in place so it does not come off.  Some adapters that look very similar do not include this very important thumbscrew.

One brass insert has a ¼ inch - 20 screw on one end, and a 38 inch - 16 screw on the other end.  In the picture this adapter has the shoe mount with the thumbscrew already attached to the ¼ inch end.

The other brass insert has a ¼ inch - 20 screw hole in one end, and a 38 - 16 screw hole in the other.

These brass inserts allow you to easily adapt all sorts of flash attachments to the umbrella adapter.  This is a most versatile device.

The adapter will mount on both 38 inch and 58 inch light stands, and to standard tripods using one of the included brass inserts.

To add a photographic umbrella, just insert it into the hole in the bracket and tighten the securing thumbscrew.

The bracket has a convenient angle adjustment with a robust handle to secure the angle of interest.

When attached the angle position of the umbrella moves automatically with the angle position of the attached flash. Item #0041 and Item #0200 are identical except that Item #0200 has a nicer clamp style flash shoe.

The photograph shows the included parts, and a typical setup (flash, flash cord, and light stand not included).

Price: $14.00 + shipping