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Item #0147 Clamp Style Flash Shoe with Mounting Screw

Clamp Style Flash Shoe with Mounting Screw
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This shoe has a robust clamping mechanism that grips the flash foot to securely hold most hotshoe based flash units.  A screw for mounting the shoe on flash brackets and fixtures is included.

This shoe has a 14 inch - 20 TPI threaded hole to attach directly to a tripod, or the brass inserts (spigots) provided on many umbrella adapters.  It can also be mounted on many off camera brackets using the included screw.  The mounting screw is easily tightened and is the exact depth (12" - 12.5mm) of the threaded hole in the clamp shoe.

The center of the shoe has a "valley" like feature that allows the contacts on the flash foot to sit above the bottom of the shoe (see inset).  The flash contacts just dangle in air and touch nothing.

This shoe works very well with almost any flash foot, and is particularly well suited to secure the newer Nikon SB flash units (SB-80, 600, 800, and 900) that have fit issues with other styles of flash shoes.

For just the clamp style shoe (no mounting screw) see Item #0137.

Price: $8.00 + shipping