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Item #0256 Optical Slave – Extended Range Version – with HH Sync Connector – Sonia Brand

Optical Slave – Extended Range Version – with HH Sync Connector – Sonia Brand
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This Sonia Extended Range version has approximately 25% increased range over the standard Sonia optical slave (yellow end cap).

This device will immediately fire a connected flash unit when another flash burst is detected.  This allows a remote flash to be fired without any connecting wires.

The triggering flash must not emit a pre-flash as this will prematurely fire the connected flash.

It requires no batteries or other power; it runs off the flash unit it is connected to.

It is small, about 12 x 34 x 34 inches (excluding plug).  The slave and circuitry are encased in solid resin, so it is extremely rugged.

This optical slave can be used with Novatron studio flash, most Speedotron studio flash, Dynalite studio flash, some Norman units. some Lumedyne, some Quantum, Sunpak 555, Sunpak 611, Honeywell Stobonars, and many other flash units that use the HH connector. (See photograph of flash connector for reference.) This optical slave will not work with Canon EX flash units.

The optical slave must be plugged-in correctly to function.  The polarity cannot be reversed.  The wider contact blade is the negative contact.  This negative blade must be plugged into the negative side of the flash unit's HH connector.

Plugging the slave in with the incorrect polarity will not damage anything, but it will not function.  Just reverse the connection for proper function.

Price: $13.50 + shipping