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Item #0071 Elinchrom Skyport to Vivitar 285HV Adapter

Elinchrom Skyport to Vivitar 285HV Adapter
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The Elinchrom Skyport will not fire the new version of the Vivitar 285HV.  This adapter solves that functional problem and allows the Skyport to work properly with the 285HV.

So, this adapter is specifically for the new Vivitar 285HV and the Skyport.  Here is the correct adapter for Vivitar flash units and a Pocket Wizard.

This adapter is for use on the Vivitar 285HV only.  Plugging this adapter into other Vivitar flash units such as the 285 (no HV designation), 283. 273, etc. will damage the adapter and make it nonfunctional with a 285HV.

The use tag shown in the image is heavy paper and if desired can be easily removed.

Price: $19.00 + shipping

Temporarily Out of Stock