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Item #0065 PC to Flash Hotshoe Adapter

PC to Flash Hotshoe Adapter
enlarge Item #0065

This hotshoe adapter is perfect to mount a flash that does not have a sync connector for connection to a PC sync cord.

The base of the adapter is solid aluminum and allows connection via a standard shoe mount or by a standard 1/4"-20 screw, as on a common tripod.  It also screws in directly to the brass inserts that come packed with the FlashZebra.Com umbrella adapter.

The rugged hotshoe adapter has:

FlashZebra.Com Optical Slave #0100 will plug directly into either PC port.

Please Note: This adapter is not for a camera's hotshoe.  For a camera hotshoe adapter see Item #0064.

For a deluxe version, see FlashZebra.Com Item #0115.

Price: $11.00 + shipping