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Item #0118 Optical Slave — Canon EX Compatible — with Male PC Connector — Sonia Brand

Optical Slave — Canon EX Compatible — with Male PC Connector — Sonia Brand
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Most optical slaves will not function properly with the popular Canon EX flash units — this optical slave will work with all Canon EX flash units.

One very important requirement: the triggering flash must not emit a pre-flash as this will prematurely fire the connected flash.  Therefore this optical slave does not support ETTL function.

The built in flash on Canon DSLR cameras CANNOT be used to trigger this optical slave as it always emits a pre-flash.

This optical slave can also be used as a general-purpose optical slave on almost any flash, but there are other FlashZebra.Com optical slaves that are less expensive for non-Canon EX flash applications.  See FlashZebra.Com's optical slave category.

A hotshoe adapter is required to connect the #0118 EX compatible optical slave to a Canon EX flash.  The popular FlashZebra.Com Hotshoe Adapters #0065 and #0115 work nicely.

This device will immediately fire a connected flash unit when another flash burst is detected.  This allows a remote flash to be fired without any connecting wires.

This optical slave requires no batteries or other power; it runs off the flash unit it is connected to.

This optical slave is small, about ½ x ¾ x ¾ inches.  The slave and circuitry is encased in solid resin, so it is extremely rugged.

Price: $16.00 + shipping